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Hi there! This journal is mostly used for reviewing fanfiction, and not so much for posting about my life.

As you can see from my interests, I watch a lot of tv, and that means I have a lot of fanfiction reading to do. ^^ I started out with Harry Potter, then went over to a bit of Buffy, Stargate Atlantis, Twilight, The Vampire Diaries and Arrow.

Other than reading, of which I do a fair bit daily, I'm also a NeoPetter. I used to be a beta for a major Stargate Atlantis project that was abandoned, and have also beta'd some Twilight fanfiction. For now I'm sticking to reading real books and fanfiction.

For those who feel like poking around in my journal, know that there's links in here to the journals of people who post NC-17 material on the site. Beware of clicking. ;-)

Note: I've set my Mood Theme to the Michael Kenmore one, made by Mychalian. Thanks!

[Last update: 23rd June 2015]

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