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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

It was truly awesome, wasn't it?

I had already read other people's reviews on it, of course, with me being so late to go check it out, but honestly, I was in Prague on a holiday when it came out!

Okay, so the reviews. They said it was good, but had its flaws, but come on! This one is WAY better than movie 5!

To tell you the truth, I even don't own Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix on DVD yet! I just did NOT want to spend that kind of money on a movie that for me wasn't that good. I mean, Grimmauld Place felt all wrong to me, and the end scene were Sirius got killed was extremely confusing...

But this is about HP6, not 5.

So, awesomeness much!

I'd already read that Snape was NOT going to be seen teaching Harry and co, and that was a true bummer. I can however understand that the movie was already running 2.30 hours, and that there simply wasn't enough time. It did, however, weaken the scene where Snape, Draco and the Death Eaters left Hogwarts.

For those not remembering that part, Snape was to yell at Harry that he should truly learn to shut his mind, and his mouth when saying spells. True, when one yells one's spell out loud, it's easy to know what's coming, right?

So, no yelling in this movie... Perhaps it wasn't that important...

Okay, what else was missing? A lot of the Tom Riddle scenes, of course. The first boy was absolutely wonderful, and they did find someone who looked exactly like him to play the adult part (it wasn't him, right? lol), but for me the second one didn't work that good. He seemed so cold, and it's odd that Slughorn didn't pick up on him becoming what he now is, in a way. I was hoping to see the guy from Chamber of Secrets again, but alas. Still cute, though.

What else was strange? Definitely the Horcrux, or is that ex-Horcrux, that started to move as Harry touched it. It's not supposed to do that, right? Because if that's true, then the missing diadem of Ravenclaw, which is what he was supposed to have touched in the Room of Requirement, would have had the same reaction to him. (The Horcrux-parts recognizing each other?)

Also, how on Earth are they going to say that Harry knows where Tom Riddle hid that Horcrux? In Googling, someone thinks Ginny must have seen it and that's how they'll get her involved in the next movie.

Funny thing was seeing that 'Ginny' was about taller as 'Harry', LOL!

I was happy to see Harry was not as dumb in the movie as in the book. Nor did he have that 'lion' in him roaring when Ginny was with Dean, right? The romance-parts were well done, imo. Won-Won hanging on Ron's back, now that was funny. And him saying his lips were broken from kissing, hah!

Slughorn was neat to see. I feared that a bit, but he turned out nothing like the one in the book, which was quite good to see!

I'm sure there's plenty more things to comment on, but as I'm getting a bit sleepy, I'll save it for another time.

Now, how long are we going to have to wait to see Tom and Snape 'fly'? That's gonna be so awesome, I hope!

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