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Stop Cruel Seal Hunting

What's wrong with people? It's 2009, for crying out loud. We don't live in the prehistory any more!

What the Canadian government is allowing is plain cruel animal abuse of the worst kind! What have those pretty seals ever done against us to deserve this? They aren't the ones that are killing the planet, we are!

If you feel the same way as me about those animals, please consider signing a petition to hopefully someday stop this cruelty from happening. Even Russia doesn't allow it, I believe, so why is Canada?

Look how cute they are, for fuck's sake. Do you want it to die? Because the rich want to wear its fur around their skinny famous necks? It's pretty, yes, but it belongs to them.

No, right? Then please, consider doing this: Sign the petition against Seal Hunting

Signing it doesn't take long, so no excuse is good enough not to do it! I'm not stupid enough to think this is actually going to help this year, but perhaps some day...
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Gah. I had a friend send me one those hotmail e-mails going all 'put your name under here and send it to your friends' kinda thing, so I had a 'slight' reaction to it. I sent her a reply back that such a thing will never work, I mean, if you send it to two friends and they sign their name, you'll have different lists going on, right, so I googled and saw there was a petition. It's much better signing that one then a silly mail...

Not that it'll help, poor babies.


I hope you're good. We're gonna have to dig up Connor's and M/T's thread soon! *g*