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SGA - Blood Ties, by Sonny Whitelaw & Elizabeth Christensen

Timeline: Right after Vengeance, and before First Strike.

This is probably one of the best SGA books out there, yes?

I at least loved it! We finally get to explore M1M-316, or the planet that's perfect for another Jurassic Park movie. Here's what happened in it:

At the beginning, Elizabeth Weir, John Sheppard and Rodney McKay are recalled back to Earth because there's some funky stuff going on at home. People are found dead, and burned. But the getting burned part is only to cover up the fact that they were drained of life. The murderers have left something behind at the crime scene: a drawing, symbol of some kind; signifying the Stargate and a Wraith Dart. That's not good.

After that, Woolsey comes in with a video featuring a cousin of his. He had a visit from a female Wraith-like humanoid figure, seemingly draining him of life, but he did not get older.

From then on, for about half the book, the team is split up. Ronon, Teyla, McKay and a Dr. Geisler travel to M1M-316 in search for a laboratory, or more specifically its database, belonging to an Ancient who messed around with DNA from Wraith right before the Ancients had to leave for Earth. And naturally she took that DNA with her to Earth, where she introduced it into the human population.

Sheppard on meanwhile is on Earth, teamed up with FBI-profiler Rebecca Larance and Dr. Daniel Jackson, to investigate likewise cases of murders, and find more information on what kind of cult could be at work on Earth.

What follows then is a story on DNA-manipulations, rival cults of succubi and incubi on Earth, telepathic conversations with dinosaurs, forest burns in Australia, and Teyla singing. The latter is of course added to have some Spikey!whump next to all the others getting bloody. Hurt, that is.

A thing I was a bit bummed about was the reference to Ronon Dex not being able to be fed upon by the Wraith. We know that this is in fact not true, he can be fed upon just fine, but he's so defiant that the Wraith wished to keep him alive just to toy with him some more before eventually killing him. It was said in the book 3 or 4 times, so if you cringe at such points, be prepared to see it around. After you get over the fact that they misinterpreted the Runner-part, you can focus more on the interesting parts, because there are plenty.

Another thing I didn't like that much when I read it was the part where a Tyrannosaurus Rex could follow the team into the Stargate to Atlantis. Can you imagine a T-Rex, think Jurassic Park, the one who ate the guy on the toilet, fit in the Stargate? They described it as having a jaw that *just* didn't fit around a Puddle Jumper, so it was pretty big indeed. Later on in the book they said it wasn't a mature one yet, but if this fixes my issues with it completely, I don't know. I still don't see a T-Rex falling to his knees, and crawling through a wormhole just to try to catch some food. Not that they said he did quite that, but in order to fit through the Gate... You get it, I'm not entirely convinced of that point. I thought they could just as easily have let it be a Velociraptor, at least they're smaller, but the same Warrior-build, but they couldn't write that because those were to be used later on. Ah well. I should be happy there were a few dino-species in it, yes? Even though they just ended up shooting the T-Rex.

Overall, this is an excellent read, very entertaining with all that DNA-stuff in there, and the mythology behind it. A definite recommendation, as it's supposed to be one of the better books of SGA, or so I've heard. And I agree. So go buy it and read it already!

Have you read it? Do you agree/disagree? I'm curious!
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