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SGA - Reliquary, by Martha Wells

Time line: Season 1? Team is still exploring Atlantis, and Ford is alive.

As it’s been a few weeks since I read the book, I don’t really remember that much in detail about it, which is a shame, of course. But I’ll try to say something nonetheless. Here goes:

The book starts off on Atlantis, with a few team members exploring some rooms, to find themselves a possible recreation area, or at least that’s what Ford is doing. They end up finding a Gate address in a holographic projector, which, naturally, they wish to explore. The MALP shows them a structure that somewhat matches Heliopolis (‘a meeting place where the Ancients shared information with the other great races of the time, the Asgard, the Furlings, and the Nox’) from the first season of SG-1, where Ernest Littlefield went after he first tried out the Stargate so many years ago. Sheppard, taking his team in the form of Dr. Mckay, Teyla and Ford, along with Kavanagh and some Marines/fodder/red shirts/extra scientists, sets out to explore this possible ZPM factory.

During their exploration, they find much destruction in this once beautiful place, and laboratories with cell doors that contain skeletons, but also a man named Dorane on a lower level in stasis. Naturally at that point the pod opens, triggered by the team’s arrival, and he says he’s the only human being around there. Though not the only ‘being’ per se, since there’s also strange creatures running around, called ‘Koan’. But where did those come from?

Some team members have a very strange feel about the place, especially those who just happen to have the Ancient gene in their make-up. Sheppard, the only natural gene carrier in the bunch, even smells rotten stuff in the facility! And is going to feel lousy.

Could that have something to do with the Koan’s story? But of course it does! Is Dorane not telling the truth about what part of that lower facility is, why he’s there? Sure thing he is! Is Dorane a guy that ran nasty experiments? Yup, Ma’am! Is there a use for those red shirts? Definite yes! You kill ‘em. Is Sheppard meant to be whumped, meant to become Koan!Sheppard because Dorane didn’t like the Ancients so he made him into an icky creature who would go insane and die? That’s indeed the case! Are the Koan and Dorane going to try to go to Atlantis? Indeed they are! Are they going to succeed with that mission? Of course they are! Another take-over! Is it a good book? Sure, it’s entertaining. Always worth a read.

What wasn’t right in the book: There’s a reference to trying to manually dial out of a planet with a Pegasus Gate, which is of course not possible since last time I checked the inner circle of this Gate system didn’t turn around like the ones from the Milky Way do. So not possible.

I did find it a bummer that they didn’t make the font a bit bigger, because the book is only 216 pages of actual story, and the font is the smallest I have ever seen. That’s why I only read a chapter or 2, 3 each day, I think, to make sure I didn’t damage my eyes too much. But it’s doable.

If you've read it, why don't you tell me what you thought of it?
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